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The "Prophet" Mohommad Was A Pig Fucker: A Response To Orlando published by Channe_Fox
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Posted on 2016-06-13
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The "Prophet" Mohommad Was A Pig Fucker: A Response To Orlando

I'll write what comes to mind

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Opinion Article by Channe_Fox. Article Location: USA


To the virtue signallers, regressives, and Islamophiles, dont pretend to care about us Faggots, you are scum. To the moderate Muslims, no one cares about you unless you do killing, dont kill, we wont talk about you cunts. To the Atheist Roo, please please please Tear TYT another new one, please, I beg of you oh great one. To the white house, you cant fool all of us Faggots, Islam is an enemy to us, we will not let this death cult kill us even if you stand aside. To the Left, as long as this threat persists, I will keep my gun, I will not be a victem. To the Right, we have a rough history ,"understatement", but we share a commen enemy and am more than happy to fight along side you as fellow Americans. To fellow Faggots, the government doesnt really care about us, learn how to defend yourselves, and come fight under the banner of civilization with us. And to google and Youtube (slow clap) nice ribbon.





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