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Trump is Against Vaccines-ish: So What? published by Channe_Fox
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Posted on 2016-06-20
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Trump is Against Vaccines-ish: So What?

I'll write what comes to mind

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Opinion Article by Channe_Fox. Article Location: USA


Trump believes that there is a causal link between vaccine dosage, and Autism. Wow. After Andrew Wakefield, the asshole who started all this has been found to be incompetent at least:


And you know what, it might be that Autism isn't even prevalent, because the whole study of Psychology is now suspect:


But amongst all this, I still don't give a flying fuck what Trump believes. Every Candidate has a problem, Hilary has her shady shit, and Bernie is one Che Guevara shirt away from me wanting to just bitch slap him. Honestly, I don't think Trump is really any better than the other canidates, for all I know, he wants to take this country for a ride and sneak off before he has to buy the breakfast he promised the night before. For me , it comes down to pissing off the people who are going to ruin shit any way if they have their way, and those who have already ruined shit for me. I'm a vindictive bitch who wants to see the elite, and politically correct suffer. And if electing a retard is the way to do it, then so be it. I have joined the "vote for the lesser evil", crowd, I have joined the herd. Trump had better make life Hell for the fascists, or I'm going to be REALLY pissed.








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