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A Response to the He for She Campaign published by Bastard
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Posted on 2016-06-20
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A Response to the He for She Campaign

Musings and opinions from a bastard.

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Ms. Watson, I regret to inform you that I and my glowing cock are unable to accept your invitation to join your He for She Campaign and Feminism in general. In your own speech at the UN, you denoted one of the core issues that we have in regards to the Feminist Movement.

You, as many others, denoted the definition of Feminism. Naturally anyone with Google can easily find the definition: the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

Even in the definition we come across the first issue with the movement; a complete lack in mentioning the need for responsibility that should correspond with rights. Unlike others that will denote a vastly different behavior than the definition, I denote the lack of including responsibility. I do this because a situation arises when one individual has more rights and less responsibility than another. In essence creating a 2nd class citizen, which is what Feminism has and is seeking to do. Feminism does not attempt to increase the responsibility of women as these rights are obtained.

In truth, they seek only to obtain rights and denote that they should be granted because 'men have historically had more rights than women' while ignoring the evolutionary path of society and the equilibrium that was established due to the necessity of survival of the species. Instead Feminism has invented theories that will support the narrative regardless of objective fact and the failure to stand up against scrutiny.

In your speech you outline the expectations of men in your He for She campaign, but nothing of the expectations of women. Thus you call upon the martial aspect of 'chivalry' to protect and aid women but state nothing of what is returned. Mobilizing men and setting them to task.

I would be remiss not to address your own personal tale of 'gender inequality'. Your first tale was of being called bossy because you weren't allowed to direct the plays at your school while the boys were not. But I must ask a serious question. How did you respond when told no? You see, one interesting notion that I've found is that our behaviors have more to do with our personal experiences than not. So my natural inclination is to ask if you've thought on that situation in regards to your personal communication style? Was your behavior aggressive?

As a child actor, it should not be surprising that you would be sexualized by certain parts of the media. As much as it might suck, that is one of the consequences of a choice that was made. Though I suspect that is also the point in time that you had similar changes of your own in regards to boys undergoing puberty. This amusing video done in regards to a study of heterosexual men being attracted to shemales also covers a woman's sexual cues. You'll find the discussion on female sexual cues at approximately 8:35 of the video. Unless you can say, unequivocally, that you have not and do not show such behaviors then you, also, have sexualized others. It is a part of growing up.

Your male friends not expressing their feelings is a mixture of two elements. Our first is biological; women have a larger limbic system than men. It is natural to think everyone thinks in the same manner as you, but they do not. Men and Women are structurally different.

Ironically it is society that has vilified men to a much greater extent that has also produced this situation. While I suspect you have doubts, a few quotes that might help enlighten the situation. But to get back on topic men have lost how it is to express and process emotion on a cognitive level. The ever increasing difficulties for success have created an ever growing challenge. This challenge in regards to the sexes has created the infamous 'only the strong survive' mentality. We've culturally forgotten sublimation and acts that we once did in order to cope and relieve stress as men and are, instead, forced to do so as women.

But I must also take a moment to denote some personal experience as well, as it is only fair. At 23 I was investigated by police for domestic violence by a woman I had recently denied sex. Their reason was her 'suicide attempt' and two bruises on her wrists from where I had to forcibly hold her to prevent bodily harm. In the course of that initial interview I lifted my shirt and showed them my back that had over 20 scabs from the claw marks from her attempted aggressive behavior to force me to fuck her. Thankfully the prosecutor chose not to file charges against me... nor did they determine that charges needed to be filed for the assault and attempted sexual violence committed against me because of her 'mental state'.

And this is just one of 3 instances I've had where a woman has attempted to commit the act of 'made to penetrate'. I point this out as the US FBI Uniform Crime Reports was updated to define rape as 'penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.' The previous definition was: 'the carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will.' Even now it is impossible, in regards to this type of situation, for a man to be raped by a woman in regards to this crime.

Even the CDC 2011 report, Prevalence and Characteristics of Sexual Violence, Stalking, and Intimate Partner Violence Victimization — National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, United States, 2011, declared that 'Made to Penetrate' is other sexual violence.

By your own admission women are choosing not to identify as Feminists. They don't with good reason. In the campaign for Gender Equality why has Feminism only focused on women and not on men to ensure equilibrium? The age old belief that 'when we solve the issues of women we will solve them for everyone' does not hold true. Your statement of being 'too strong', 'aggressive', 'isolating', and 'anti-men' would seem to hold true when you dig further into the situation and look at the actions of Feminism have created; women as 1st class citizens and men as 2nd class citizens.

Gender is not a spectrum, nor are they opposing ideals. The truth is we have lost the ability to utilize generalized concepts to determine what masculinity and femininity are to us. We are forced to act in a certain way while denying our right to make the determination of what these generalized concepts are to us. Men are forced to become cunning, aggressive, and overly competitive in order to achieve success while Sweden ended gender quotas because women who had worked hard were denied access to college programs because men had to be included. But for programs dominated by men, the system didn't work in the same way because there are fewer overall female applicants. When it didn't benefit women, as intended, it had to end.

Even in the United Kingdom judges have been told to be more lenient on women during sentencing for criminal acts. At the same time an OECD international study, and a more localized UK study, have shown the possibility of girls recieving higher marks than boys

Believing in equality does not make one an inadvertent Feminist. It makes you an Egalitarian which is defined as: of, relating to, or believing in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.

Denote the use of all people and not simply one gender vs. another. Both of your questions have found answers in them. If not me, who? Many are rising up to dispute Feminism and the toxic culture that its practices have created. If not now, when? The time is now. The voices of opposition grow as people finally wake up or grow tired of not being heard. They rally around those who have the ability to speak and do not fear the consequence of this action.

If Feminism is to survive it will require those within the movement to take a hard look at their current beliefs compared to information stated by their opposition. They will require denouncing their past actions and attempting to reconcile these issues. To be open to the possibility that they are wrong in their view of the world. If this is not done by you, then who? And if the time to challenge your own ideology about the sexes is not now, then when? Will you remain divorced from objective observation and continue to create new 'models' to explain everything as a gender bias? Or will you take up the mantle of both rights and responsibility?

My glowing penis and I will be waiting...





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