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What is The Real Face of America?

Loves to blog and debate

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Loves to blog and debate

What is The Real Face of America? published by The 1st Amender
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Posted on 2016-11-07
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To put into essence.  These two candidates are nowhere near what we were hoping for time come when Obama checks out.  You had both democrats and republicans coming together to put up their front-runners.  Those two just happened to be two people who will only be inferring more 'status-quo' in the white house than ever before.  Only to solidify any hope of a real change in American economies and morale to an all time low.

What the heck am I talking about? There are people who genuinely believe in Donald Trump and in Hillary.  How could they all be wrong in their statements?  One thing I find very important for everyone to take their time in doing is do their own research.  I've seen time and time again both Democrats and Republican candidates propose more overseas involvement in 'stopping terrorism.'

I would like to take a moment and refer you to this article regarding a group of terrorists named 'Boko Haram'.  Meaning literally in the title: "Ban Western Education."


To put in short: Boko Haram is a terrorist organization found in Nigeria who is actively killing innocents wherever there is groups of people.  They target schools, markets, kill Muslims and Christians alike. They don't care.  They want to establish a military control over Nigeria and keep western education out of their land.  With that being said, there have been more deaths in a quicker span of time than ISIS.  If there is anyone we should be going after due to an ideology it is Boko Haram.

But we don't hunt terrorism in hopes of an ideology.  We hunt terrorism for oil.  How do I know that? Well if it were for an ideology we would of course be doing what we can to help other nations combat terrorism instead of keep spending our money on military pursuit.

This is where our budget stands on a part of military spending.  Now lets see how we stack up against the rest of the world.

Our spending on the military is out of control.  We have a huge problem of overspending and overzealous budgeting when it comes to our military.  The idea of spending so much, which is both backed by Hillary and Trump - has killed many innocent people in the name of 'stopping terrorism' *cough* establishing oil stake.

The American public is somehow willing to back up either Hillary or Trump despite our ludicrous spending on our military, both candidates supporting killing of innocent people.

Hillary scares me just as much at Trump, when she states proposed "trade sanctions" on Middle Eastern nations.  Trade sanctions sound like a politically sound way to stopping a country that you are against, but in reality results in the mass killing of people through starvation.  Take North Korea: (Mind you I do not support North Korea or the political choke hold Kim Jong dynasty has over their people) We established trade sanctions on them in the mid-90's and resulted in the deaths of between 0.24 and 3.5 million people, and the country continues to struggle with food production today. (see sources)

With Hillary being the proponent to killing of millions of lives, Trump isn't much better in the run.

Trump proposes ways to increasing racism and phobia over Muslims across our nation.  I needn't say that Muslims are people too, and that our country is founded on acceptance of all people to make our country truly great.

See our plaque on the Statue of Liberty for your own proof.

We have to understand an illegal immigrant is a human being that wants to do better for themselves, and not a fear-mongering hateful person that wants to 'suck off the system'.  Even if they were sucking off the system, the problem is the 'policy that allows them to suck off the system'.  Not the person.  Same thing can be said about a Muslim.  Muslims in general are not terrorists and it is a shame we have to pair up a Muslim and a terrorist into one pile to only increase fear-mongering.

I hate to say it to all Trump supporters out there, as I do believe he is someone who is outside of the political establishment.  Current news talks about Muslims in the same way Germans spoke about Jews in the 1940's.


In a world of hatred, I propose we look at our political leaders and really question, whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent - to really take the time and put your thoughts out there.  You have the ability to say what you want to say on this site.  I recommend registering and writing your own mantra.  You tell me, what is the real face of America?



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