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Posted 2017-07-25
People Are Now Getting Free Weed to Pick Up Trash
Posted 2017-07-14
Emoji is dragging us back to the dark ages – and all we can do is smile
Posted 2017-06-17
How do you make yourself a better person?
Posted 2017-06-01
Reflecting on One Very Very Strange Year at Uber
Posted 2017-05-08
So You're Overweight - What Can You Do About It
Posted 2017-05-05
Study Shows Women Need More Sleep Than Men for THIS Reason!
Posted 2017-04-08
Eating at Deeya - Indian Cuisine in Clearwater, FL
Posted 2017-04-07
Trump launches attack on Syria with 59 Tomahawk missiles
Posted 2017-03-23
Battle Between Malwarebytes and IOBit Advanced Systemcare
Posted 2017-03-06
Clear Violation
Posted 2017-03-03
Nintendo Switch Review
Posted 2017-03-02
It's Texas Independence Day! 3/2/2017
Posted 2017-02-28
Who Plays Runescape Anymore?
Posted 2017-02-06
Here’s How the Patriots Won Their Fifth Super Bowl
Posted 2017-01-18
Introducing the Newest Type of News - The People's News - Firstamender
Posted 2017-01-14
The Bartender Hates You and It's All Your Fault
Posted 2016-12-22
That's a Smoker Not A Person
Posted 2016-12-12
House and Senate - Owned by CSPAN™®©
Posted 2016-11-30
The Most Synchronized Christmas Light Show
Posted 2016-11-29
Gaming Journalism is Corrupt - Is It Lost Forever?
Posted 2016-11-29
How to Take a Good Selfie
Posted 2016-11-21
Indonesian Police open fire on peaceful KNPB demo, hundreds flee to jungle
Posted 2016-11-17
So Trump Is President. What Now?
Posted 2016-11-07
What is The Real Face of America?
Posted 2016-10-19
To win the presidency - one must have 270 electoral votes. Its not even close.
Posted 2016-10-18
FBI Docs: Hillary Was So Unpleasant Security Agents Didn’t Want To Protect Her
Posted 2016-10-18
War-weary Libyans miss life under Kadhafi
Posted 2016-10-18
Posted 2016-10-18
Winnie The Pooh is a Dick in These Comics
Posted 2016-10-08
This is why I have always been, and will continue to be, pro-choice
Posted 2016-10-06
Who Needs Government to Protect The Environment?
Posted 2016-10-05
One striking chart shows why pharma companies are fighting legal marijuana
Posted 2016-09-29
Pedestrian dies in Clearwater traffic crash
Posted 2016-09-29
Paul Ryan says U.S. tax rate for small businesses is 44.6 percent, versus 15 percent in Canada
Posted 2016-09-28
Gary Johnson: Take a Deep Breath, Voters. There Is a Third Way.
Posted 2016-09-27
Why Do We Have Registration Renewal?
Posted 2016-09-18
New York explosion an 'intentional act'; investigators search for clues
Posted 2016-09-12
The Best Anti-Gun Policy Ever
Posted 2016-08-25
Conning People One DVI Adapter At A Time
Posted 2016-08-08
If You're a Republican, You May Want To Read The Statue of Liberty's Plaque
Posted 2016-08-04
Racial Pride and Guilt on The Rise
Posted 2016-08-02
Boko Haram - Deadlier than ISIS and Why the US isn't doing anything about it!
Posted 2016-07-12
What The News Doesn't Say About Pokemon GO!
Posted 2016-07-08
Pokemon GO: Doing The Impossible Bringing Gamers Outside
Posted 2016-06-24
British Pound Declines over 10% Thursday Evening
Posted 2016-06-24
72 House Democrats ask Obama to take in 100,000 Syrian refugees
Posted 2016-06-23
The USA Created Terrorism
Posted 2016-06-22
You're First in the Community
Posted 2016-06-21
As an Arab, the Middle East’s reaction to Orlando left me speechless
Posted 2016-06-14
To The Ones Who Write On My Site - Thank you for Everything
Posted 2016-06-14
Fact Check: An AR-15 Wasn’t Used In Orlando, And It Wouldn’t Have Mattered Anyway
Posted 2016-06-12
Artist Draws Trump's Penis - Gets Banned on Facebook
Posted 2016-06-03
The Oldschool Runescape
Posted 2016-06-01
SLI and Crossfire is a Waste of Money
Posted 2016-05-31
Microsoft Forces Updates to Windows 10 - Aggressive Pushes
Posted 2016-05-29
Black Lives Matter - I'm Sick of You Niggas
Posted 2016-05-19
James Rolfe Bullied by Feminazis for Ghostbusters Video
Posted 2016-05-18
Backblaze releases billion-hour hard drive reliability report
Posted 2016-05-09
GTX 1080 is The 4k Card We've Been Looking For!
Posted 2016-04-16
Icelanders Overthrow Government and Rewrite Constitution After Banking Fraud-No Word From US Media
Posted 2016-04-14
Emerald Estus Flask in Collectors Edition for Dark Souls 3
Posted 2016-04-12
How to Lose Weight For Real!
Posted 2016-04-12
Sandwich Thief You So Funny
Posted 2016-04-11
Introducing Based Mom - Crusader Against Tyranny
Posted 2016-04-10
The News is Generally Wrong!
Posted 2016-04-07
Trump or Hitler? Can you tell who said what?
Posted 2016-03-31
Posted 2016-03-14
Posted 2016-03-13
Eternal 5D data storage could record the history of humankind
Posted 2016-03-12
Next Hearthstone set revealed, all players get three free packs and a Legendary
Posted 2016-03-12
Identify 5 causes of feline aggression
Posted 2016-03-12
Ron Paul: Why We Don’t Need the Federal Reserve
Posted 2016-03-09
No More Bullshit - Get Rid of Ads
Posted 2016-02-26
Why Linux creator Linus Torvalds didn't really care about open source
Posted 2016-02-16
Aspartame Not Bad For You!
Posted 2016-01-27
First Article on 1stamender posted!
Posted 2016-01-06
Man Kills Friend After Their Balls Touch During A Three-Some
Posted 2016-01-05
Diversity - Is It Needed?
Posted 2016-01-05
Periodic table's seventh row finally filled as four new elements are added
Posted 2016-01-05
Oculus Rift pre-orders begin January 6
Posted 2015-12-31
Congress Poised to Lift Oil Export Ban
Posted 2015-12-24
Pandering with Weak Marketing