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Loves to blog and debate

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Loves to blog and debate

FUCK YOU TRUMP published by The 1st Amender
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Posted on 2016-03-14
Writer Description: Loves to blog and debate
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Donald Trump. Who are you supporting?

Take a look at him. Just one look at him. Just see what he is and what he does, how he speaks and how he treats others. I've seen article after article trying to pin Donald Trump on countless baseless charges which I find baffling. The reason why I find it baffling is because there is already so much you can pin on Donald Trump without the need for baseless accusations like "Trump is related to the KKK" in some way due to a protest in 1927.

His Policy:

I found it very strange listening to this man talk. One thing I found strange was how bigoted his policies were, making me question: "We're talking about America right?" No longer do you have Donald being pro freedom or pro human rights, but pro regulation and the creation of a wall which in essence is racist inherently. But wait! We're trying to make America great again, we don't want illegal immigrants sucking off of our system! If this is your opinion let's just discuss that perhaps it's not the fault of the Hispanic population but instead, perhaps the policies that allow others to suck off of the system?

Why would it be okay to deny people the right to a life here in the United States, much less create that bigoted wall that inhibits trade, increases regulation, and destroys essentially what a 'conservative' is?

War is Not Conservative

You heard me say it. Guess what. A classical conservative would never be pro war. Why? Well you see, I don't know if you currently are aware of this but it turns out war costs money. Because it costs money, being pro war is essentially anti-conservative. A conservative is supposed to do one thing. Conserve. Last time I checked, war is not conservative in any way. Donald, based on your rhetoric implying a nationalist ideal NOT a conservative ideal. Say it like it is Trump and Trump supporters. You are not supporting a conservative - you are supporting a nationalist. Let's make America great again. Surely I'm sure if you vote for Trump, you'll do just fine.



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