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Prostitution Should Be Legal - Here's Why

Loves to blog and debate

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Loves to blog and debate

Prostitution Should Be Legal - Here's Why published by The 1st Amender
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Posted on 2018-12-20
Writer Description: Loves to blog and debate
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You have seen and heard all the horrid instances of prostitution. Women being abused, men abusing them, using a woman for her body instead of valuing them as a person. I get it. Prostitution is a degenerate behavior and we should do whatever we can to minimize the existence of prostitution. Yet for some reason, I state it should be legal. Why? Have I gone absolutely mad? Let's delve into some of the negative aspects of prostitution before I go on my soap box, just so you know I understand the subject and what I am saying should be legal:

Societal Effects of Prostitution

  1. Contributes to the objectification of women.
  2. Bosses (Pimp) does not respect the agency of his female employees.
  3. Abuse of women
  4. Sexual harassment and exploitation
  5. Sexually transmitted disease potential
  6. PTSD disorders after being a prostitute

I am certain that there are more ill effects. But you get the overall idea. I want people to be aware of what we face when saying that prostitution should be legal. Now for my main point:

Prostitution should be legal because then women can protect themselves and get away from violent situations.

As it turns out, when you make something illegal, it only creates additional ill effects of making it illegal. For one, a person who would normally settle business disputes would go through a court. But not if your business happens to be illegal. Women are allowed to be battered, lives destroyed, and promotion of drug proliferation because a prostitute cannot get help, as they are in an illegal institution.

"But Classical Conservative! There DO exist prostitute help lines for them to come clean!"

Do you know of a job that pays you thousands of dollars a day to help you get your fix? No? I didn't think so. A lot of these women are in an effective trap. They get into prostitution, make a ton of money, and are willing to take these beatings to get their fix and stay in an endless loop of destruction. This happens. By making it legal, you remove this trap. They now can get help without having to quit their habits. (Though certainly drugs will still be an issue, and this comes into my article on why I think all drugs should be legal. That article is found here)

I myself would not get a prostitute. I find it morally corrupt. But I can imagine it help a lot of people that may have urges. How many rapes has a prostitute saved to help a guy get off their destructive urges? There is no statistic on that as it's impossible to measure. Regardless, it is there without a doubt. It would help for the court system to come up with a very light touch regulation to keep women safe and able to practice without being seen as criminals.

This would stop the pimp, the abuses, and well, okay. I would say it does not stop the objectification of women, but I can state that it does bring women into their own independence, and their trade should not be looked down on just as you don't look down at a man's profession. Nothing says no to objectification more than the independence of a woman. The sexual harassment stops then and there. As now that it is legal, a prostitute can go to a court in the event something happens. The client knows they will get in trouble if they do something illegal. The court must defend the prostitute to their own business. Sexually transmitted diseases are bound to happen. That is to be understood. It is in the best interest of the prostitute that they do not contract a sexually transmitted disease. Because of this, most prostitutes are well aware of these risks just as the client is. 

If you are going to go skydiving you sign a waiver to the risk of killing yourself. This is nothing different from a prostitute and knowing the risks of sexually transmitted diseases. Finally the PTSD. With all the abuses having stopped, and consenting individuals both come to the conclusion to enjoy in a service, where is the PTSD in that?

If you hated this article, that's fine. You have a right to your own opinion. If you find anything about it feel free to write your own article in rebuttal. I will read it. Additionally, I post an article a day Monday-Friday. Feel free to check out this site while checking out the articles I've written in the past.




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Anonymous: 2018-12-21 01:39:36 ID:3064

I agree with you. Article is well written, well researched and interesting. Men become gross when they use women and should be able to control the urges and focus their impulses on something constructive instead. Eww