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The Bartender Hates You and It's All Your Fault

Loves to blog and debate

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Loves to blog and debate

The Bartender Hates You and It's All Your Fault published by The 1st Amender
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Posted on 2017-01-14
Writer Description: Loves to blog and debate
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I would like to first go on the record that two real bartenders were interviewed for these list of habits patrons do and will remain anonymous.  With that being said, they wanted to make it clear that most people are actually pretty cool when it comes to serving as a bartender.  This article is reserved for the minority of people who suck. If you have done these things -- you should stop doing it.

16 Things The Bartender Hates What You Are Doing

16. People who get mad when you cut them off.

cutting someone off

Listen. We really don't mind you as our customer. We find that if you come in already drunk and start ordering a round of drinks there is supposed to be a cutoff point. If we felt that you have had too much and we "don't" cut you off -- we are held responsible for your injuries or death. So try not to get mad at your bartender for caring too much.

15. Being belligerent.

Get someone to pick you up.  Look we all are trying to have a good time. We don't need you yelling across the bar at other patrons making things difficult for everyone to live their lives. This doesn't happen very often but we do get the occasional belligerent person who just can't keep to themselves.

14. Bad tipping.

Dude really?  If you came into our bar and opened up a $100 tab, generally bartenders expect around 20%. Don't open one of these tabs unless you are prepared to pay for that.  If you get one or two beers it's obviously different.  But if you are ordering a bunch of stuff and are more needy than other customers, expect to tip a bit more than others. You just need to tip accordingly and we will be happy.

13. I have to use the right glass.

Please don't get mad at me because I didn't put your beer in the bigger glass.  It is policy that we can't put a beer in a 16 ounce pint glass. We do have glasses for 14 ounces which is fine. Otherwise we get in trouble for that. Please don't be mad at us and we're not trying to stiff you. This is specific to certain bars and some may give you bigger glasses, but we have to enforce policy.

12. You're not ready

People come in and do want to order, they flag you down and you come to their aid. Then they sit there not sure what they want. Why did you flag me down? I have about 10 other people who are asking for drinks and only 2 of them are at the bar. Listen we will take care of you when you are ready. Don't get mad at us for leaving due to your indecisiveness. There are people who come in, ask a lot of questions.  Maybe they ask for a drink and they end up not liking it, you suggest another and they don't like that one either. You give samples of wines and beers. All work and no pay. Believe it or not. This is mostly for the women reading this.  Guys generally come in and will drink whatever you give them. There is a majority of indecisiveness when it comes to women.

11. Ignoring the bartender.

This is the vise versa of number 13. We really want to make sure you have a satisfying quick service and so do other people.  Please don't just start talking to your friend or get on the phone when you are in the middle of ordering. It is really annoying and I am the one who gets yelled at for taking too long to making a drink.

10. Trying to have a conversation with a super busy bartender.

Yeah you probably only see a few people at the bar and it seems like there are just not enough people to keep me busy.  Well little did you know a party of 20 just sat down at a table and are all asking for drinks, and it certainly isn't the wait staff who makes your fancy mixed drinks.  Please just try to mind me when I am working very hard to make drinks, I'm not stingy I just can't talk to you right now.

9. "It's past happy hour. Can I still get happy hour price?"

No is the short answer. People will come and complain that they sat down before happy hour, and when they go to order a drink it is past happy hour.  Guess what: I can't control the computer that makes the prices. I have no say in any of that and simply don't have a choice. Please don't get mad at me when it is totally out of my control.

8. Hey can you "make it strong?"

What? Dude if you want it strong you can order a "rocks" which is slightly more than a single or a double which is two singles.  Stop asking me to make it strong and don't ask for more alcohol if you are not willing to pony up for it. We have to serve at specific amounts and if you want more we have to charge you more.

7. People who expect a drink right away when you are in the middle of other things.

I will try to get to you as best as I can but you can't get mad at me for not serving you right away. You have about 5 other people at the bar and a table of 7 who have been here before you. Please just hold onto your knickers and we'll get to you momentarily.

6. Verbal Tips

A patron would sit there and tell you you're really good and leave a terrible tip. This is mostly reserved for people who don't know how to tip their bartender. 20% is the average amount to tip.  Also, put away your calculator. You can easily round up 20% in your head.

5. Being flagged down with noises.

Yes I see you. Please don't snap at me. Stop slurping your drink making a noise to make sure I can hear it.  I will get to you. You can treat me like a human and I will come over there and serve you in the quickest way possible.

4. Asking for a box for your food and end up leaving it.

Why do you do this to me? Believe it or not when someone asks us to bring a box for your food, an astonishing 80% end up leaving it at the bar! Why did you make me get a box? Don't make me get a box. Just being forgetful I get it but most people don't even come back for it. Stop making me get a box when I know you won't take it home with you.

3. Asking one at a time.

You're a party of 7 and you sat down at a table. Sometimes the wait staff needs some help so you go to handle people's drinks.  You go there and one person asks for one thing out of the group of people. You go get it and come back, only to have another person ask for something else. Pretty soon you are making 7 trips back and forth serving each person individually! Stop that. Please only order when you are all ready.

2. Entitlement.

There is a small percentage of people who think they are entitled. They come in and demand and bark orders like your a slave or a servant. I get I am working for your tips but you don't need to treat me like a slave.  Usually people are pretty cool but there is just the occasional self-entitled person that can just ruin any attempt at being cheerful about it.


And without further ado - the number one thing that pisses off your bartender is...




1. Being rude!

So you ordered something complicated. A crazy name of a drink thinking that we know it. When we tell you we don't know what that drink is you end up getting a bit snooty about it. We really don't need the rudeness. We're a human being just like you and want to help you have a good time as much as possible.


With all this being said - 90% of you are actually pretty cool. Even the bartender themselves can be a nasty person. We are not immune to being jerks! There is just the stunning minority of people out there that do cause issues and that if you have done any of these things above: Simply avoid doing it in the future to your bar staff!


self-researched (Interview with 2 bartenders in Florida)

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