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On the Rights of Trans People

Loves to blog and debate

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Loves to blog and debate

On the Rights of Trans People published by The 1st Amender
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Posted on 2023-04-20
Writer Description: Loves to blog and debate
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Trans people have been getting attacked lately all across the web. The desire and the acknowledgement of trans people have been frequently fought against, most recently being charged along by Republicans like Ron Desantis.  Yet it doesn't stop at republicans, but just about anyone online.  Whether it be Twitter circles, Discord, Facebook, Youtube and the like; the consensus is clear.  People do not like trans people.

The arguments heard are often arguments that I hear out of fear, and often have no validity in reality due to the hyperbolic nature.  For example, "I just want them away from my kids" is a common phrase, yet examples of them being "away from my kids" brings up thoughts of teaching trans education in classrooms, the Drag Queen Story Hour, and trans-inclusionary books in libraries designed for children.

Yet any time I try to find out information on these things and their validity towards being sexual in nature, I frequently find that they aren't sexualizing or pushing sex onto children, but rather trying to teach acceptance of trans people and other people who are different than them. Yet, with the hyperbolic nature of zealots of the right, and even the left (Such as TERFs), simply say they are sexualizing children and should be stopped.  I do find this interesting. I have seen lots of information about supposed sexualization of children from trans people, yet found no instance of trans people having sex with children, nor trans people espousing this in any way.

However, I find there are lots of sexual allegations among the churches!  I thought the churches were supposed to be this bastion of goodness and protection of children, yet find commonly that religious types like to spank their children for discipline, despite 20 years of studies showing how harmful that is to a child's psychology; I also find all of the rape allegations that exist not just in Catholic churches, but Christian churches as well under any denomination.  Yet I'm certain that, to the right, the trans people are somehow at fault for reading a childrens book promoting acceptance and tolerance to children.

On the rights of Trans people

People are bestowed upon them an inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (and under Lockeian theory, right to property as well). People are able to pursue this, and this includes trans people.  If a trans person wishes to promote advocacy to children and acceptance, then that is their right to do so. At the same time, if there were this hypothetical trans person who would have sex with a child, the child possessing their own autonomy and rights, obviously should see the full extent of the law brought down against them.  Yet, a trans person who commits crimes is simply a criminal.  Criminals go to jail, but the fact they are a trans person does nothing to describe them; just as a person committing a crime and also being black, is not synonymous with the action itself.

Trans people are absolutely given their inalienable rights, and people should respect that, and respect the identity of trans people. It is truly the American tradition to promote acceptance, tolerance, and defense of inalienable rights of individuals. We are Americans, though different from one another, have the right and ability to breath free in America, which includes trans people.  As a result, I stand by trans people's side in solidarity, for I find living a society that preserves the rights of individuals, and fight those that wish to take that away with great disdain.




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Anonymous: 2023-05-21 02:17:26 ID:5396

Of course you support pedophiles because you are a pedophile yourself. You deserve to be exterminated along with all of the trans people.