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James Rolfe Bullied by Feminazis for Ghostbusters Video published by The Classical Conservative
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Posted on 2016-05-19
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James Rolfe Bullied by Feminazis for Ghostbusters Video

Changing the way people think about news.

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Opinion Article by The Classical Conservative. Article Location: Ghostbusters Online Internet


James Rolfe is at it again making quality content for everyone on the internet to enjoy.  He annotated talking about Ghostbusters 2016 and his own opinions about it.  Hearing what he had to say, stating that he simply did not want to review it for lack of integrity on the re-release.  He wanted to talk about one of his favorite franchises, and in the video stated:
"I refuse to watch it."
They are recreating the 1984 Ghostbusters, judging by the trailer, looks aweful according to James Rolfe.

He doesn't want to give any money to the Ghostbusters new movie.  To him, Ghostbusters was something he grew up with. Claiming that he would like to see the old characters as their originals, and that this was the movie nobody wanted.

This didn't stop the feminists online from ranting and raving about it. You can see several articles showing the opinion of the SJWs.

As you can see, they're too frustrated at how James hated on a movie that contained female Ghostbuster characters.  But most have been shown to be frustrated at the feminists, including yours truly.




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