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Why I Believe in Capitalism - 9 Reasons and their Explanations

Loves to blog and debate

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Loves to blog and debate

Why I Believe in Capitalism - 9 Reasons and their Explanations published by The 1st Amender
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Posted on 2019-02-20
Writer Description: Loves to blog and debate
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I'm just a simple blogger. I've derived myself to these conclusions by reading the work of people who are much more intelligent than I. I have read and understood that throughout history, countless times over and over, Capitalism has provided so much to the promotion of humanity and socialism (both vanguard and modern) has lost on almost every front. I wanted to point out the various thoughts I have for "why" I believe in capitalism as a thought.

  1. Capitalism assumes ownership to your own labor.
    This is a concept that is often overlooked. Most people don't even consider the ownership to labor. I, however, have written an entire article about how your labor is owned. To put it simply, the idea is that you have a right to your own labor. Because you have a right to your own labor, you have a right to then sell your labor to anyone you like. Now because a lot of labor can be tied to the use of land, like farming, then you also have ownership of your land through private property rights. No state or entity can assume rightful ownership of your hands. I go into this with much more detail in the article about "The Philosophical Approach to Labor" which brings direct inspiration from Murray Rothbard.
  2. Capitalism puts responsibility in your hands.
    I love that when you aggress against someone, you are held responsible. Or at least you are supposed to be held responsible under pure capitalism. There is nothing capitalistic when you are talking about taking unfair advantage of your people. How? Because to aggress on someone by force is affectively not voluntary. Because it is not voluntary, it is no longer capitalism. Capitalism assumes your right to your own body, and to aggress against that ideology is to divulge from capitalism entirely. Being that it requires you lay ownership to what you reap/sow, you effectively must take responsibility in your own hands. For those in their minds questioning pollution as an act of aggression, you would be right! I wrote an entire article about that as well called: "There Shouldn't Be Federal Laws to Prevent CO2 Emissions - Here's Why"
  3. Capitalism cannot attack your rights.
    There is no ability for a capitalist to take away your rights. Because to take away your rights, like a state, would suddenly stop being capitalistic. It is now officially authoritarian in intent. Capitalism requires everything that is done is a voluntary action, and that it does not impede on another's rights. Being that capitalism is all about the rights of the individual, it effectively defends against people who would aggress on rights. No entity has a right to take away your rights if you have done nothing wrong.
  4. Capitalism works.
    Through countless countries it has been seen. You see a third world country, and over a short period of time, often within one lifetime of implementing capitalism, brings a society on the brink of starvation into a country with extremely high standards of living. Hong Kong is a perfect example, being one of the highest standards of living in China, and literally the only place that would see lack of state control thanks to the United Kingdom. Now that it is owned by China again, thankfully they choose to leave Hong Kong alone and free of government regulation. Because of this, Hong Kong is a bustling city with massive buildings and a higher quality of living for all (not just the rich) having reduced overall poverty rates in Hong Kong immensely.
    Hong Kong is not the only city that has successfully seen capitalism work. You can also point to Chile which implemented laissez-faire capitalist policies which resulted in Chile being the wealthiest nation with the highest GDP out of all the other South American countries. Even the Nordic countries see heavy benefit for the existence of free-market enterprise. Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg, Switzerland are all experiments gone to great successes with not only their mix of state rights, but their highly laissez-faire policies that keeps government intervention out of economies.

  5. Capitalism is morally superior.
    Most might disagree with my point in this. But the reality is that all human beings are intended to have natural rights in the United States (They are supposed to anyway). These rights impose the inherent obligation not to interfere with someone's liberty. This, the only way to maintain this is to maintain people's voluntary permission. Where in the past the north versus the confederate south in the United States promoted their industrialist capitalism against the statist moral judgement of slavery. That somehow, a human is to hold rights to labor over another human. That people would fight slavery with capitalism is a forgotten past time. Holding the rights of the individual above all is the inherent morally superior path.
  6. Capitalism promotes cooperation.
    Capitalism not only promotes cooperation, but by voluntary means, there is no other way. In order to be successful in capitalism, you have to satisfy as many people as physically possible with a superior product. Then and only then can you be successful in capitalism. In order to make this happen, it requires cohesion, not destructive individualist behavior to become successful. While you can point to companies that create wrongs, just as a human being is capable of creating wrongs, there is no long-term advantage to a business model that wrongs its customers.
  7. Capitalism promotes equality.
    Nobody is endowed with the rights to take away or supersede the rights of another. The idea that someone can trump over the rights of someone else is anti-capitalistic by reality. Given that a capitalist can only take your money voluntarily, meaning they have to provide a service or product to you to get you to relieve your hard earned money, (and therefore your labor) it puts everyone effectively at an even playing field. But wait! What about if someone has more money! While it is true that someone would be able to offer a product for much cheaper than Joe Shmoe down the street using economies of scale, everyone is at the equal playing field in that, nobody is allowed to destroy the competition of another. Most corporations that would destroy their competition are doing so with ability by heavy governmental pushes and lobbying to make it possible. History is on my side on this reality.
  8. Capitalism has the capability of protecting the planet.
    That's right! It is possible for capitalism to protect the planet. It is also true that capitalism has contributed to the degradation to the planet. That much is true. To say that capitalism cannot somehow create benefit when there is a problem is to distrust capitalism entirely. To put it into perspective, when Capitalism sees a problem, it seeks to find a profit incentive for that problem. Now you have corporations building wind turbines, solar panels and even making them better and cheaper, a giant snake-like machine that scoops up plastic from the ocean, all for profit incentives generated by private entities. And what happens when a business really screws up like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? Simple. They go out of business!
  9. Capitalism reduces poverty.
    While some would look at capitalism and all the poor that it has created, the part people do not seem to consider is that it reduces overall poverty drastically! As capitalism has grown throughout the world, poverty has drastically reduced since the existence of more and more capitalism. To say that capitalism creates poverty is like saying fun makes people unhappy. It turns out the exact opposite is true!

    Image result for poverty reduction world + capitalism

I understand my blog can be a bit dogmatic. I want people to know and spread the message that it's not uncool to like capitalism. I lay the thoughts that, while capitalism receives a bad rap, mostly from those who simply believe heavily in their fanciful world of "sharing is caring." That altruism is inherently the way. In my opinion, it is the exact opposite of quality of life improvements, and therefore happiness, for everyone.

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Anonymous: 2019-02-20 10:17:41 ID:3104

>this kills the individualist

Anonymous: 2019-02-20 10:37:20 ID:3105

Rights are supposed to be inalienable.

DCVoter: 2019-03-10 11:38:53 ID:3113

When Americans get sent to the concentration camps, will the Gestapo listen to their consciences or to the captains who sign their paychecks?

The 1st Amender: 2019-03-11 01:36:30 ID:3116

History would say first the person who signs the paychecks. Then later on to the conscious. This was prevalent in WWII with the Nazis. When the war had ended, Jews were left within plain sight of the Gestapo and most had walked away after they had committed such atrocities. They wanted to go home and reconcile. Not continue to be murderers.

Anonymous: 2019-06-05 07:05:11 ID:3203

Be a capitalist.
Start an internet search engine company that uses user searches and data to improve itself.
Business takes off. Become the number one search engine.
But up biggest video social media company.
Get so big become the only search engine that people actually use. A monopoly.
Start censoring and modifying search result content to drive your political agenda and sell people's private information.
Be Google - Yay capitalism!

Anonymous: 2019-06-05 07:05:21 ID:3204

Be a capitalist.
Start an internet search engine company that uses user searches and data to improve itself.
Business takes off. Become the number one search engine.
But up biggest video social media company.
Get so big become the only search engine that people actually use. A monopoly.
Start censoring and modifying search result content to drive your political agenda and sell people's private information.
Be Google - Yay capitalism!

Anonymous: 2021-01-14 10:15:41 ID:5172

Capitalism is doing a great job at protecting the planet isn't it!