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Is The Idea of Collectivism Accidentally Evil?

Loves to blog and debate

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Loves to blog and debate

Is The Idea of Collectivism Accidentally Evil? published by The 1st Amender
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Posted on 2018-11-20
Writer Description: Loves to blog and debate
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The collectivism definition is as follows: The practice or principles of giving a group priority over each individual in it.

This is an ideology that works well when you are determining your moral compass among a small group of people. Generally something around the size of a village. This is where it was created of course. The German sociologist Tönnies had described an early model of collectivism and individualism using the terms Gemeinshaft (community) and Gesellschaft (society). (Tönnies, F. (1957) [1887]. Community and association. New York: Harper Torchbooks.) 

But enough about the historical presence of collectivism, as it is vast, and pointed to the largest abscesses of destruction humanity can offer. (IE the Gulags, Industrial revolution of Mao Tse Tung in China, and Nazi Revolution in WW2) Never mind all that. Let's talk about where it goes wrong. Let's say you are on an island. You among a group of 8 people are all starving brutally and cannot seem to find any food. You then all look at each other and think collectively: "Perhaps if we eat the weakest person that we can survive a bit longer to be saved. At the good of the people." Of course the individual would resist. Protest. Fight and squirm as they are being tied up to be cooked. To the individual, this is wrong through and through.

A collectivist would look at this and think they should collectively work together, not vote to eat one another. But if the collective believes in a majority, then the majority (ye who is not being eaten) will favor over the minority (the one to be eaten). It comes down to whether or not people think that collectivism is the same ideology of cannibals.

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Lets try another example. This one is too theoretical. So if the collective is majority rule -- that you favor the majority in place of the individual. The problem is that individuals have their own ideas. They all go off on their own paths and some work in a mutual collective. To force a collectivist mentality would be to grab people who physically/mentally do not want to be a part of the collectivist mindset.

The example of free speech is a perfect premise. You look at free speech and think: "I like this." or "Not if it is hate speech." Well if you are in the latter, you present a thought to force people to stop speaking a certain way. A collectivist mindset. Not only a collectivist mindset but one where you inadvertently force and change their speech. You actively go in and attack others because you don't like what they say either verbally, or physically like Antifa.

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You are collectivist. If you are collectivist, you are evil. Plain and simple. You force people to do what you want them to do despite what they think. For you are an authoritarian. A collectivist. Anti-individual. This is the big fight. Not left versus right. Authoritarian versus libertarian. Now if you are a collectivist, but respect people's individual liberty: You are not collectivist and you are more individualist than you think.

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Thank goodness for websites like this. While small, I get the right to individually speak my thoughts despite what some mod says. I get to have a voice in the face of everyone who seeks to actively ban for the good of the people. The collective. If you feel the same way, this website is for you. I post an article once a day. So feel free to check out my page to see the newest articles I've made. I post Monday-Friday once a day. Now if you are individualist, or maybe you hate my article. Please feel free to write about it. It is in your individual freedom to disagree with me and talk civilly about it. Register and write now.

Edit: One of the notions prosed to me by the collectivists is the idea of voluntary collectivism. These are concepts that are contrarian to one another. To be collectivist you must force the collection. But to be an individual and choose collectivism is individualist by premise. Being that it is voluntary that it stops being collectivist. Though, through involuntary collectivism, which is a redundant phrase, is what I perceive as evil.



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Anonymous: 2018-11-20 03:37:30 ID:3034

…consider the implications of a voluntary collective, i.e.(meaning one in which individual sovereignty is aknowledged and recognized as is the right to disassociate at will), organized for or to a given purpose or end, in which affirmative decision making is to be based on unanimity rather than plurality.

The 1st Amender: 2018-11-20 03:53:57 ID:3035

A voluntary collective is a misnomer. To make a voluntary collective means that you favor individualism over collectivism. To be truly collective, you must favor the collection over the individual. Simple as that.

Anonymous: 2018-11-20 11:02:22 ID:3042

…granted; a matter of the definition then, at least in that respect, (one unfortunately at least somewhat subject to the confusion and whims of any given living language)