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How to Lose Weight For Real!

Loves to blog and debate

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Loves to blog and debate

How to Lose Weight For Real! published by The 1st Amender
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Posted on 2016-04-12
Writer Description: Loves to blog and debate
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We all have gotten this article before.  We've all seen the fad diets, the nutritional supplements, the concerns for your thyroid gland and slow metabolism. But lets talk about how to really lose weight.  How do you really do it?

Get this straight. It isn't your metabolism.

Slow metabolisms are very rare to come across. If you do have a slow metabolism that has been diagnosed by a doctor then I do feel sorry for your loss. I do wish you the best condolences and that this article is not intended to hurt you. But for everyone else, and I promise you, you're probably in this demographic - Stop blaming your metabolism.

You gain weight by eating a lot.

This is the reality of weight gain and it has everything to do with eating. It's all about calorie intake. You can sit there and work out an hour a day and it only amounts to about 400 calories lost doing cardio. Meanwhile your body does a fantastic job managing calories by consuming anywhere between 1600-2600 calories a day.

You should check out how many calories you consume in a day with this calculator:

Did you click that link? Good. If you didn't, go do that now as it is essential to knowing how much your body consumes in a day.

Now that you know how many calories to maintain weight, lets talk about reducing calorie intake!

Dreading that calorie counting? I know.. I get it. It sucks going to a grocery store and having to pick out the super light-weight rice cakes over your favorite cookies. But we're talking about losing weight. Count every little thing that you put into your mouth, break it down to individual components and get the amount of calories in that item.

Example: Ham Sandwich.

1 slice of white bread is approx. 79 calories and we're obviously having 2 = 158 calories in bread.
1 slice of delicious ham came out to about 67 calories.
1 slice of American cheese = 104 calories
1 dollop of mayonaise approx 100 calories
lettuce = 5 calories
tomato = 22 calories

Total = 456 calories

You got a phone right? You can google individual ingredients and look up on your phone. You can also go to chain restaurants and fast food places and see their own calories already counted.

After a while you won't have to count calories so hard. Eventually you will just know how much calories you are putting in your mouth.  If you weigh 350 pounds chances are you have to consume 3000+ calories in a day to maintain weight. If you stuck with a 2000 calorie a day regimen you would see your weight come off like it's nothing and it's that simple.



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