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Man Kills Friend After Their Balls Touch During A Three-Some published by The Classical Conservative
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Posted on 2016-01-06
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Man Kills Friend After Their Balls Touch During A Three-Some

Changing the way people think about news.

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This is the definition of taking “I don’t play that gay shit” WAY TOO FAR! How many of you have been involved in a three-some? Personally, I’ve been in a few and it’s def a strange situation when hands, balls and ass are flying around the room but in the heat of the moment some things you have to let slide! Just keep your eye on the big picture, should all be good.

According to Curtis Mayfield:

“There’s only so much a man can take, and dick or balls ain’t one of them”


Curtis Mayfield murdered his best friend after an incident involving him, one of his friends and Laquifa Thompson. Laquifa and the two men were in the middle of having a threesome when Curtis told his friend it was time to switch postions:

“I yelled switch, you know from mouth to butt, he went left when he should’ve went right and next thing you know we ball to ball”



Curtis was so enraged by what happened he grabbed his gun and shot his friend while screaming out “I ain’t with that gay shit”

Curtis feels no remorse on the death of his “friend” and claims

“It was his fault, if he would’ve never touched my balls he would still be alive”



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