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Healthcare is Not a Human Right

Loves to blog and debate

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Loves to blog and debate

Healthcare is Not a Human Right published by The 1st Amender
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Posted on 2018-12-19
Writer Description: Loves to blog and debate
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Let me first start this off with a basic hypothetical. The most basic premise to bring into the root of the issue when you're talking about healthcare. I ask friends and family around me a question of theory: "Is water a human right?" Most people look at water and think about if there was no water, you would not survive. It's a basic premise that humans need food, water, shelter, and everything to do the most basic: survive. So instinctively, almost everyone responds: "Yes of course."

Their heart isn't in a bad place either. I also don't blame those who give me the answer "yes." But I want people to realize what is the result of those who come up with their "yes" and be able to defend it actively.  The next question asked to those who say yes is: "So when do I get you water?"

The whole point of the entire theoretical question is for people to realize, whatever product it may be, people cannot force another person into labor for their survival. It comes down to: "No. Water is not a human right. You can't because you can't make someone get you water. You either get the water yourself, or even better, you labor to buy water and with a minimal amount of money, you can get that water. In a 24 pack conveniently packaged for $3. But nobody owes you water."

Now onto the healthcare debate. The principle is still the same. When you have an insurance company and the pressures they have to have everyone insured, and trust me, they are suffering just as much as everyone else. Some will point out the insurance companies for forcing health insurance. As it turns out, a lot less insurance companies have already gone out of business in favor for the government subsidized insurance company to help make healthcare a human right, only exacerbating the issue further.

Let's not even talk about the huge amounts of abscess that exists due to the high amount of regulations on the healthcare industry. There are so many regulations, doctors, on certain procedures have a set amount of time that they are allotted to that not for profit motive, but so people get care. That is how regulated the healthcare industry is. Yet your healthcare in it's current state, is more expensive than ever. Of course. Because when you involve the government in anything to regulate, you create a shortage and therefore higher prices. I dare not even get into the economics of this, but that is the low down.

My point at the end of the day is it is not capitalism that is your enemy here. The government is. And people who believe healthcare is a human right, ask them the question: "Is water a human right?" and follow it up with "So when do I get you water?"

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Anonymous: 2018-12-20 03:22:50 ID:3063

I agree but I belong to the old school of taking care of myself and my family. I sell real estate and so am an independent contractor and buy my own insurance . I knew it when I became an agent and do not whine about it. Thirty six years later I’m still selling. I work for what I have period.

Anonymous: 2021-09-25 07:09:05 ID:5283

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